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What Is Regenerative Agriculture?


The Difference


Here at Sullifarm, we embrace a rather full-circle scene in agriculture.  One that's all about restoration, repair, healing and health.  We don't just grow food, we strive to regenerate our soils and pastures in the process. 

We strive

  • to leave the land a million times better than we found it. 

We strive

  • to add organic topsoil, so that we can continue to raise grass-fed animals with the nutrition they need for generations to come. 

We strive

  • to balance production with sustainability; meaning we don't produce more than is ecological and beneficial to the land while also learning to unlock the rich food source of all ground space. 

We strive

  • to keep our animals happy, healthy, and stress-free... always.  This includes respecting the individual natures of our animals. Pigs need mud, geese need puddles, chickens need to scratch, peck, and forage, cows need fresh grass, etc.  While an animal might SURVIVE in a sun deprived, crowded, smelly, concrete floored factory, they assuredly will not THRIVE.

We strive

  • to build community around food, to have relationships with the families that consume our product.  We want you to know where your food comes from, how it was produced, how it affects you, and how it affects the environment around you. 

We strive

  • to maintain as local a scene as possible. This decreases the need for excessive transportation, ensures the utmost freshness, and keeps your dollars directly affecting your food production and not towards gas for vehicles or means of long-term storage.  

We strive

  • To give our animals the best life, and the most humane harvest.  We simply cannot speak on the values of raising animals naturally and humanely without being particular of their final hours.  A living, breathing animal is sacrificed to feed us, we must not ignore this fact out of ignorance and emotional disconnect.  The butchering facilities that we use are selected for their honest work and their handling of our animals.  We believe the animals we raise to eat deserve respect and care in every aspect of their handling.  

Remember, every time you eat a meal, you are either enforcing a positive or negative effect.  Not just to your body, but to our animals, our communities, our future generations, our air, water, and soil.

Join us in this special time, as more and more farmers move away from the factory "farms" that plague our modern landscape.  As a consumer, it's YOU that encourages that movement.  Start demanding good food.  Start demanding local food.  Start demanding humane treatment, sustainable growth, health, wellness, and flavor.  

We want to meet those demands, because that's what we demand too. 

All Sullifarm meat is harvested in a State of Texas inspected facility, or USDA inspected facility