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How To Get Involved

Farm Tours

Want to come out and see for yourself how things are done?  Don't just take our word for it, come out for a tour!  We encourage anyone who eats, to embark on a journey of awareness in food production.  Check out how your meat is raised, learn what your food's food is (and how that directly affects the taste and health of your meat), enjoy the baby animals, walk the pastures, and meet the farmers who grow your food!  Not only is it educational and eye-opening, it's also a lot of fun!  Don't forget to bring along a friend, or some kids.  Bring a cooler if you want to take some of our product home afterwards!  If you aren't local to us, then find a farm local to you and ask for a tour!  

Buy Sullifarm Products

Checkout our Shop page for info on our products!  We have an ever changing array of pastured meat items- including bone broth, lard, whole chickens, and varied cuts of outstanding pork and beef.  Your purchases directly affect our ability to do what we do.  Without informed, conscious, generous consumers we would not be able to accomplish this work.  By buying Sullifarm, you are making a positive change to our community, environment, your health, your plate and the face of agriculture and food production.  You can buy from us at the Texarkana Farmers Market on Saturdays, directly off the farm, or through our Sullifarm PastureBoxes- available November 2017.  We do not ship product at this time, we encourage you to find a local farmer in your area who is also farming in a regenerative manner.  Even if you aren't local enough to buy our products directly, we still encourage you to support other small farmers and this movement of slower, healthier food choices.  Check out the online directory of for small farms like us who might be right around the corner from you!

Participate in Local Events

Keep up with our events through social media!  Stay tuned for farm dinners, summer pizza night, group farm tours, sunset pasture yoga, local food and farming symposiums, and more!  We're also at the Texarkana Farmers Market Saturdays April through July.