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Mixed PastureBox

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Here you can find a list of products we offer at Sullifarm!  The list is ever growing and changing, so here is the best place to stay updated with what we have going on!  These items will be available at The Texarkana Farmers Market, as well as for a scheduled On Farm pick-up. (If it's nice weather, come out and get your fill of baby animals and green grass, as well as getting your shopping done in one stop!)

Mixed PastureBox


Mixed PastureBox

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  1. Choose your box size

  2. You will be given the option of customization for your box. Feel free to check off answers that fit you best! We want to get to know you and your preferences!

  3. Price per pound and package sizes vary a small amount, so it is difficult to get an exact amount of meat charged. Be assured, you will receive a MINIMUM of the value you paid for. If the cuts we chose for you didn't quite add up, we will ADD additional product until it meets or exceeds what you paid for!

  4. These boxes will show up on your doorstep by local delivery, (aka me!)

  5. Sullifarm PastureBoxes are available to the Texarkana/New Boston, TX areas only, IN ADDITION to special deliveries to Dallas, available on occasion. Contact for Dallas delivery days.

  6. If you have questions about our route, please send us a message before ordering!

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This Box will get you the best mix of what we have in stock!

The variety can include (but does not guarantee) cuts from Pastured Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Lamb


Can't make it out to the early morning markets on Saturday?  No worries!  We created these boxes just for you!

  • Each box will include a myriad of great cuts. 

  • Can't decide what cuts to choose from at the store?  Now you don't have to!

  • Rest assured you'll get variety that's all delicious!

  • Every box will include tips on how to cook the different cuts you'll see in your box.

  • Boxes delivered right to your door!*   

  • By choosing Sullifarm PastureBoxes- you increase your sustainable, small farm supporting footprint by eating in a way that honors the animal, the land, and the caretaker.  This is vital to raising slower, more regenerative meat sources with which to feed your family.

*We still encourage visiting your local farmer (especially us), but we know it's inconvenient to do so every time you need to shop!  Hence- PastureBoxes.  Delivered.  


Ever heard of CSA?

It stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It's a concept that has helped small farms create sustainable business models, with help from open-minded consumers. It's common for CSA programs to offer boxes of vegetables that deliver a variety of foods from the garden to committed individuals throughout the year. We're basically modeling that concept with the Sullifarm PastureBox, but with REAL MEAT instead of vegetables.

We're accustomed to a system that allows us to pick and choose everything that ends up on our plate. This inevitably ends in products unable to meet consumer demand, or products being wasted because they've been deemed "inferior". By eating your way through a Sullifarm PastureBox, you're choosing to take the act of eating seriously. You're choosing to honor the animal as a WHOLE. You might discover a new cut in your PastureBox that you've never seen in the grocery store, and it might become your new favorite. Ultimately, you're choosing mindfulness, awareness, responsibility, and appreciation.

Ever heard someone say they try to be a "responsible omnivore"?

You are one.