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are like grass-eating dinosaurs!  They're loud, somewhat obnoxious, but sure are exotic to see out on the pasture.  Geese need much less water than ducks, are generally cleaner, hardier, and eat a lot more grass than their duck friends.  For these reasons and more Farmer Coeli chose geese as her fowl of choice.  We usually buy goslings in early spring, to raise on the fresh green grass as they grow from chick size into hardy adult birds.  Geese are known to help get rid of unwanted pests around the garden/barnyard including slugs and ticks.  Geese are amazing grazers, which might come as a surprise to some.  In the spring and summer when there is plenty of rich pasture, these geese get about 85% of their diet from foraging! 

While we wish we could share this nutrient-dense goose for your dinner table, our local processors aren't equipped to process fowl beyond turkeys and chickens.  Until then, you can always take one home and practice your own at-home butchery!  We're all about getting you reconnected with your food and where it comes from.  If you are interested in sourcing out an ethically-raised, pastured, super healthy bird for your special table, we would love to help you out!




Farmer Coeli likes to sell whole and half flocks, as well as just a pair or two to get you started raising your own.  If you are interested in starting your own flock, or are looking for a super healthy meat source, or just have a special interest in our geese, feel free to contact us below! 

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