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A little about our chickens...

Sullifarm generally raises chickens both for meat and for eggs.  These are actually two very different types of chicken. 

Broilers or Meat Birds

are chickens that have been bred to produce the type of carcass we are used to seeing in our kitchens.  They are plump and juicy, put on plenty of weight rather quickly, and are meaty enough to feed the family, without having to chew on bones.  Due to their rapid growth and heavy body weight, the focus of meat breeds is not to lay eggs, but produce meat.  So you wouldn't buy this type of hen expecting eggs in the morning!  Some disagree with the use of these modern birds, and prefer to use older, more heritage varieties.  We would love to do this too, but the benefits of these modern cornish cross birds are just too substantial!  And from our experience, don't deserve the bad rap they get.  We still let them grow slower, instead of giving them free choice grain we encourage them to consume more pasture grass and scratch for more bugs.  This breed is commonly finished at 6-8 weeks.  From chick to full grown bird, that's pretty fast!  We give them a few extra weeks so they aren't stressed, bloated with grain, and don't get weak bones and legs do to the more forced rapid growth rate.  All our meat chickens are soy, corn, and GMO free.  They're fed a non-GMO semi-local grain blend from a family owned mill a few hours away.  They are given free access to the pastures to scratch and peck as they please!

Laying Hens or Egg Birds

consist of a number of breeds and varieties on our farm.  If there really is one best breed, we still aren't sure what it is!  It's also just fun to have all different colors, shapes and sizes.  This makes all our eggs different too!  We don't believe in a lot of "consistency" here, other than consistently good and healthy.  If all our birds were the same, all our eggs would be too! How boring is that?  So when you buy our eggs, some will be big, others small, ranging in colors from brown to pink to speckled to white.  You'll know there will be a consistent rich color in the yolks, though!  This is due to the diet that all the birds share.. you guessed it.. Pasture grass!  A chicken that gets to hang out all day scratching for bugs, exploring in the woods, eating the tops of grass blades and pecking their seeds, is one happy chicken.  Chickens aren't like sheep or goats (vegetarians) they need more protein (omnivores) to be able to produce that healthy egg.  Because of this we supplement our chickens pasture diet with scraps from the kitchens and gardens, as well as a bit of non-GMO grain or organic bread.  Nothing is truly wasted!  And that's how you get that beautiful, tasty egg.  

In my opinion, one of the most magical and versatile, yet simple and humble foods in existence:  the egg