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For the Sake of Transparency

Annemarie Sullivan

For anyone concerned, here’s an update on Sullifarm Chicken—

I’d like to update all of my customers on a change we’ve made in our 2018 meat birds.  After much thought, I’m no longer able to feed non-gmo grain.  

Here’s why:

I was making a 6 hour round trip to source a non-gmo grain blend for chickens that came from a mill in Muenster.  It didn’t contain soy or corn, with are the two biggest GMO crops in production.  The trip was long, and my lack of personally owned truck and trailer made hauling awkward and difficult.  Even though I was getting a decent price on the grain itself, these issues boosted my price point greatly.  

If you know me, you know that it is my mission to produce the highest quality meats I can.  I’ve searched both physically and online for a quality grain that is produced more locally for a bearable price.  As far as I know, it just doesn’t exist, other than the “organic” grain at tractor supply which is more than double the price.  (I’d have to charge $35-45 for whole chicken, and I don’t trust that the mass produced “organic” grain is even legit)

So the question remained, do I sacrifice some of my values to still produce a product that is better than the store-bought alternative, or just quit altogether?  

I decided that if I quit producing chicken, I would only be leaving my customers with the factory produced alternative.

Even though I have to feed a conventional grain ration that is nothing special, my birds still live outside on pasture, are still active with room to grow and forage, still don’t receive any weird growth hormones or antibiotics or medications, and are still a pretty healthy bird.  

So if the GMO and organic labels are a concern for you, you’re totally welcome to look for something better suited to your needs.  Just know I’m always looking for ways to improve how we produce and sometimes you have to compromise just to stay afloat.   Thank you for understanding!

PS if you know of anyone producing high quality grains in the area, let me know!

meat birds doing their thing

meat birds doing their thing