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In Defense of Food


Ramblings from a modern regenerative agriculturist 

In Defense of Food

Annemarie Sullivan

Want to watch a truly extraordinary documentary?

In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan.

No, it's not very radical.  It's not magical, it doesn't promise this, this, and that.  It doesn't bring in all the best experts, scientists, doctors, researcher and shiny-faced celebrities.  In fact, it's quite humble, and I think that is why it's underrated and not heavily endorsed.

After years of research and efforts, Pollan's view on food turns out to be a simple one- eat real food.  No magic pills, no new diets, no certain exercise, no "good" foods "bad" foods.  To him, there's food, like fruits, vegetables, animal products, and grains, and then there's "food like substances", which is every other product on the grocery store shelf that has been screaming it's particular redeeming nutritional quality since the dawn of processed, pre-packaged edibles.

I really want you all to check out this documentary, I think it's so refreshing.  I don't want to ruin it any further and give you all the details, but here's my takeaway-

Don't trade your health for daily convenience.  Don't trade your family and friend dining for on-the-go.  Don't ever underestimate the importance of cooking, and the knowledge and skill it requires.  Don't keep searching for perfection when a perfect diet doesn't exist for all humanity. 

Be grateful for those around you who grow food.  Be grateful we live in a time and place where we GET to choose what we eat every single day.  Be grateful for the power we have when it comes to our dollar spent and the choice of support we have with it.  

Eat food, not too much, mostly plants
— Michael Pollan