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Meet the Frick family...


Myriam and her husband run a 1000 acre farm that they bought back in 2011, right outside Texarkana. It is hands down one of the most beautiful, well tended, healthy farms you could visit.

She runs hundreds of beef cattle in a rotationally grazed system, the only addition to their diet being free choice feeding of twenty different minerals; that the cows pick and choose as needed. Their farm is certified by the American Grassfed Association, meaning the cattle's diet is 100% forage and never confined feeding.

Running this place and raising these cattle are a full time job for this two person team. They reached out to us at Sullifarm to see if we could help with selling their amazing beef alongside our own product.  Sullifarm has now partnered with a source of truly pasture-raised, healthy, happy, beyond flavorful, sustainable, land-regenerating MEAT. We intend on learning a lot from the Fricks, implanting their knowledge in our own fields, and growing alongside them.  

The reason we make a point of differentiating this product from the rest is because we always want you to know what you're getting and where it's coming from.  Upon setting out, we didn't intend to offer any product other than our own.  Unfortunately, one farm can't do it all!  Every animal takes a great amount of knowledge and time to raise correctly.  The Frick family has been doing grass-fed beef for a while now, and rather than compete with them, we decided to work with them.  We like to think our standards are pretty high at Sullifarm, so trust that when we offer product from another local farmer in our store, their standards match our own.    

So cheers to great farmers raising great food that's great for the earth and future generations.